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Aristotle's lyceum found

science · 14 January 1997 · 25 years ago

In 1997, the discovery in Athens of the lyceum where the philosopher Aristotle taught 2,500 years ago was confirmed by Greece's Minister of Culture. In 335 BC, Aristotle opened a lyceum to rival the academy. For the next 12 years he organised his lyceum as a centre for philosophical speculation and scientific research, particularly in biology and history. He died in 324 BC, but 47 of his many works remain, mostly notes used in lyceum lectures. When the discovery was made by archaeologist Ephi Ligouri, the site satisfied all known facts concerning the long-lost location of the lyceum: to the east of the city walls and on the banks of the river Iliso. The excavation was made urgently before building began for a planned museum of modern art.

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